Kirsten Sowers is a country/pop singer, songwriter and musician. Born in 1999, she began performing at age 7. She started performing with her guitar teacher’s band, and now has progressed to opening for Nashville recording artists such as the Charlie Daniels Band & Jason Michael Carroll. In 2010, Kirsten made her television debut on the NBC 10! Show in Philadelphia. Since then, she has continued to appear on various TV channels and radio stations. Though performing for years, Kirsten released her first professional recording studio single on iTunes in May 2013, at age 13. She has performed nationwide including Philadelphia, Nashville & Los Angeles.


Kirsten also has her own charity, Kirsten Kares Foundation (KKF). Through performing, she supports children, the military, animals, those caught in natural disasters, nationally recognized charities and non-profit organizations. In summer 2014, she toured the Northeast doing 20 selected event concerts with the KKF. Come follow Kirsten on her journey as she makes a difference in the world. You will be amazed at the talent and inner beauty of this young artist. 

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